Author: Catherine Maiorisi

Loving Your Protagonist

Miss Demeanors is proud to host author Catherine Maiorisi today and join her in the celebration of the launch of “A Matter of Blood.” Welcome, Catherine! Can an author love their protagonist too much?  I recently read a review of Thomas Keneally’s book, Crimes of the Father, and this  comment by the reviewer set me thinking about writers and their protagonists. “For obvious reasons, Keneally admires his protagonist. As such, Docherty is not especially interesting, for he rarely seems genuinely unsure of himself….You can be damned sure, mate, that tough-and-tender ol’ Docherty’s going to do the difficult thing no matter the odds.” Does admiring your protagonist make her boring? Isn’t tough-and-tender what we want in a protagonist? Don’t we want someone who always does the right thing? One of the first things a writer learns is that unless her protagonist has flaws and faces internal and/or external conflict, she will have a hard time holding the reader’s interest. But sometimes finding the right balance is difficult. For example, I’ve loved a series with a detective who enjoys a drink and a profiler with some personal issues, who work together to solve crimes. But in the last few books they turned into a full-blown alcoholic […]

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