August Giveaway: Snowbound, Best New England Crime Stories

The Giveaway: How To Enter

Miss Demeaners has a new feature (drum roll, please): a monthly giveaway! All month long, you may comment on the blog post to enter. At the end of the month, one lucky commenter will be selected to win a free book!

The Month’s Giveaway Prize: Snowbound, an Anthology

In the middle of the dog days of summer, let’s think some cool thoughts. This month’s giveaway is Snowbound, Best New England Crime Stories, published by Level Best Books on 2017 with stories by many of your favorite authors including Miss D’s, Emilya Naymark and Keenan Powell. Here’s a taste:

Eddie Barrie liked a good scotch. He also liked languid evening in cigar bars, a tumbler of Macallen glowing amber in his hand, a perfectly aged Cohiba at his lips. He owned three Prada suits, a Porshe, Louis Vuitton shoes (two pairs of loafers and one of sneakers), and a Piaget watch in the warmest, sweetest rose gold.

Actually, to say he owned those things would be to mangle the truth. Eddie no more owned them than he owned his name, which was not Eddie Barrie at all, but Cosmos Dimitrios Papadopoulos.

  • A Very Luck Bone by Emilya Naymark

A crow swooped, talons open, screaming, screaming. Liam flailed his arms overhead, shielding his head and face. The crow vanished, then swooped again, screeching his name, “Liam, Liam.”

“Liam,” his mother whispered, shaking him awake. “Can you not hear that?”

Her hand on his shoulder was cold. Crinkly white hair spray away from her mouse-colored braid. She looked mad, as certainly she was.

“It’s the banshee,” Mary Barrett said, her voice hushed.

  • The Banshee of Adams, Massachusetts by Keenan Powell

It’s Easy to Enter the Giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, comment below. Here’s a question to inspire you: What’s your favorite thing about winter?


  1. My favorite thing about Winter is how the snow looks on the trees right after. The glissing and it is always pretty when it snows on Christmas. I live in Wisconsin, can you tell lol

  2. My favorite thing about winter is no bugs, otherwise give me any other time of year. I don’t like the cold and snow

  3. I’m a born and bred New England girl, but I’ve come to love winters here in Colorado better than the winters in New England. 🙂 In New England, the snow was beautiful but the sky stayed gray. I especially love the snow here in Colorado that is immediately followed by a sapphire sky and the snow sparkling like jewels. And Christmas is my favorite time of year, and that comes in winter too! So winter is the best!

    1. I had a friend who left Anchorage one winter because he couldn’t stand the cold and ended up a ski bum in Jackson Hole. LOL. It was way colder there than in Anchorage. But your skies! The bluest of blue.

  4. We don’t get much snow here but I love snuggling up in blankets–especially if my cats will join me on the sofa.

  5. I love winter. I love the cosy dark nights. I love the cold sharp air. I love the crisp crunch of snow beneath my boots. I even love shovelling snow! Best of all, the weather is what you expect. There’s nothing worse than a summer filled with cold and rain!

  6. A tumbler of Macallan 25-year would indeed by the best way to pass a snowy evening, logs in the fire burning low, oil lamp dimmed, anthology in hand.

  7. In Houston winter means finally being able to sleep with more than just one thin sheet covering you without sweating–you can use two sheets.

  8. I’ve come across this group because I loved that the nuthatch was appreciated, and photographed. I’m too late for this August book giveaway, but was intrigued enough to order Snowbound from our local independent bookstore here in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Love this winter conversation; we moved here from a MN town near Fargo. Winters there are just like in the movie. (!!) Breathtaking, and glorious.

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