Adventures in AI

You probably know by now that I love technology, so of course, I had to try out image generation AI. Well,I admit it was interesting, but it wasn’t fun. I wanted to get an image of my main character, Fin Fleming.

I started by feeding the ai tool with a prompt for “a very pretty female scuba diver underwater with a camera.”

I’ve been diving face to face with some very scary creatures. Bull sharks. Barracuda. Moray eels.

But never in all my thousands of dives have I ever seen a sight as scary as this image.





Or this one. Excuse me, does that diver have three hands?








And then there was this one. The diver in the background has a novel way of mounting a scuba tank.And the diver in the foreground has one gigantic hand and a camera that shoots in two directions.







This creepy looking diver seems to be leaking air from everywhere.

This diver has four hands but only one leg. And seriously creepy eyes.

So then I switched my prompt to “a very pretty woman on a tropical beach wearing a conservative bathing suit standing next to a scuba tank”.


Nobody I know could dive with a tank of that size.

And then this one. Not only is the tank immense but that bathing suit is not my definition of conservative.








But I kept at it, and eventually, I got the perfect image.

Behold. Fin Fleming.


About Sharon Ward

Sharon Ward is the author of the Fin Fleming Scuba Diving Mystery Series, which includes In Deep, Sunken Death, Dark Tide, Killer Storm, Hidden Depths, and Sea Stars. Rip Current, the seventh book, will be released in early 2024. Now available in audiobooks, ebooks and print.

Sharon was a marketing executive before becoming a novelist. She was a PADI certified divemaster who has hundreds of dives under her weight belt. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, MWA, ITW, and several other writing organizations. She lives near Cape Cod with her husband Jack and their miniature long-haired dachshund Molly, the actual head of the Ward household.


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