A New Miss Demeanor!

Cue the Fireworks! Crack Open the Champagne!

I’m proud to introduce our newest Miss Demeanor, Sharon Ward, author of the Fin Fleming mysteries, set in the Grand Cayman Islands and featuring underwater photographer Fin Fleming. I met Sharon a few years ago at a mystery-fan convention. Now I’m excited to be her fellow blogger.

Sharon is a successful freelance writer specializing in the topics of technology, manufacturing, and supply chain—even before the supply chain became the topic of the year. Before that, she worked at some of the most successful tech companies in the world, including Oracle.

Her real love, though, is diving. As a PADI-certified divemaster, Sharon helped local dive shops with their training classes and has hundreds of dives under her weight belt. Wanting to share the joy and wonder of the underwater world, she wrote In Deep, her debut novel, released in August 2021. The second in the series, Sunken Death, is scheduled for release on December 31, 2021. The third, Dark Tide, will hit the shelves in the spring of 2022.

More About Sharon’s Books

In Deep—an underwater photographer realizes an unknown diver is murdering her family and members of the staff at the oceanographic institute on Grand Cayman where she works. Fin must find the killer before everyone she cares about is gone.

Sunken Death—Fin Fleming embarks on an expedition to retrieve a legendary treasure, the Queen’s Tiara. During the journey she encounters pirates, drug dealers—and maybe a curse that promises sorrow, betrayal, and death by drowning to anyone who touches the treasure. Can she bring the treasure and her team safely back to port?

Praise for In Deep!

“…a stellar, pulse-pounding debut novel….a heady mix of underwater adventure, mystery, and romance.” –Hallie Ephron, New York Times bestselling author

“In Deep delivers on twists and turns while introducing a phenomenal new protagonist in underwater photography, Fin Fleming, tough, perceptive, and fearless” –Edwin Hall, author of The Secrets We Share

“Tense, twisty, and full of suspense.”

“Just when I thought I had figured out the killer…BOOM! The author landed another twist.”

“An interesting foray into a different world.”

Sharon lives near Cape Cod with her husband, Jack, and their adorable miniature long-haired dachshund, Molly.

We’ll be hearing from Sharon herself in the coming year and learning more about her life, her thoughts, and her writing. I can’t wait!

Welcome Sharon here or on the Miss Demeanors Facebook page.


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