A Little Help From My Friends

Have I mentioned before that writing is a team sport? Sure, sure, they’re my hands at the keyboard to make the magic happen but every now and then I need a sounding board. My regional chapter of Mystery Writers of America invited me to submit an article to our monthly newsletter. They asked for my expert view on cyber crime topics, which I’m more than happy to share pretty much anytime, anywhere. The challenge? They left the topic up to me. They gave me the prompt of common misconceptions and/or how to get the subject right. As a veteran investigator, my point of view is different from yours. I know what I know. And I know what I’ve noticed when others write about technical crimes. But that still left a lot of options. I couldn’t decide how to narrow it down to a single topic. There were so many ways to go. I did what any mature adult would do. I went out to dinner. Between the salad and the entree, I threw the question to my dining companion. Conversation turned to depictions of cyber-y things in pop culture.  Within seconds, I found myself sliding my soapbox out from under the table and getting ready to climb on board. “You know what drives me crazy?” I said. “No, but whatever it is, that’s your topic,” my companion answered.  My I’m-about-to-make-a-point finger froze mid-waggle. It landed on my lip as I pondered whether it would be rude to start typing away in the Notes app on my phone. 

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