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Talking About Writing Retreats

I often see author friends on Facebook renting cottages in the mountains, at lakes and at various beaches for private writing retreats. A Brooklyn friend checks into a lower Manhattan hotel from time to time for a private writing retreat. To my knowledge, these friends have spouses or partners, but none have young children. So why the need to get away?   I’ve asked authors Edith Maxwell and Anne Laughlin to discuss their retreats. Why do you retreat? Edith:  I need time away from home to get a big burst of work done.  Anne:  I’m attracted by the idea of going away and concentrating on nothing but writing, free of the minutia that fills so much of our lives. I can handle a lot of time on my own and that attracted me as well. It’s a way of honoring myself as a writer. The amount of work you can get done in two-four week residencies is astounding. Do you prefer a private or a group retreat? Edith:  I prefer private but have gone on several wonderful group retreats. Anne:  I’ve been to both and can say that in the earlier years I preferred the group and now I prefer private. Most people want to socialize […]

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