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On Writing Intensives

Catherine Maiorisi In 2010 I was invited by a casual writing friend to take her place in an invitation only, one week intensive writing workshop with James N. Frey in Portland, Oregon. I was scared but I went. It turned out ten of the twelve writers had been working with Frey for years and they organized and held this workshop every year at the house of one of the participants. It really was intense. Each person read a chapter every other day. After the eleven other participants critiqued the reading, Frey offered his comments. Sometimes his comments were brutal, though he was pretty gentle with me. In between the morning and afternoon critique sessions, he taught a master class. Spending that much time in a room with other writers and a master teacher was exciting, energizing and exhausting. I’ve never done anything like that since but I think it’s something I would probably get even more out of at this point in my career. Have you ever participated in a writing intensive? Connie: A friend of mine went on an intensive writing retreat in Tuscany several years ago, led by Elizabeth George. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Catherine: That would be […]

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