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He did what?

When you’re a mystery writer, you’re always trying to figure out why people do what they do. Sometimes you can draw on your own experience, but other times it’s helpful to examine lives completely different than your own. That’s why I love reading biographies. They expand my base of knowledge. They give me all sorts of intriguing tidbits of information. Recently I’ve been reading Ron Chernow’s wonderful book, The House of Morgan. I became interested in the Morgan family because I enjoy going to the Morgan Library. At Christmas time they display a handwritten page from Charles Dickens’s own version of A Christmas Carol, which I find fascinating. How did such an essentially British book come to be in a library in New York? Seemed like there was a story in that. Also, I like writing about families and thinking about family dynamics, and the Morgans lived family life on an epic scale. Junius Morgan The Morgan who got the whole thing going was Junius Morgan, a solemn and businesslike man. The sort of person who was born middle-aged. He never betrayed emotion. He spent a good portion of his life lecturing his son, Pierpont, and trying to keep him […]

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