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You got this.

Something’s in the air: writers talking about that dreaded moment when the ideas get stuck. The September issue of Writers Digest features Jane K. Cleland’s insightful take on writer’s block. Definitely check it out.  In the meantime, I canvassed my fellow Miss Demeanors to find out what their favorite tips are for pushing through the times when your writing doesn’t work like a faucet. Their answers are helpful, concrete, and fresh (thank you, Paula). Susan: I’m not sure if I was given this advice or simply figured it out during teaching, but I do think the best thing to do is to put your character in the middle of a scene and let her surprise you. One of my favorite exercises in class is to have students imagine their characters are late for something. Anything. What do they do? It’s fascinating to me how that can lead to so many inspirations.  Alexia: I forget who told me this or where I read it: “Open a door.” If a door opens, someone or something has to enter or exit (or there has to be a reason why the door opened but no one came or went). Tracee: I agree! Sometimes we need a specific prompt to get past a block- […]

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Getting Unstuck

 Find me a writer who hasn’t gotten stuck and I’ll tell you, “That’s no writer.” For me the image of being stuck inevitably makes me think of Roald Dahl’s humorous (but dark) children’s book, “The Twits,” in which an awful sticky glue is first the nemesis but later the liberation of Mr. and Mrs. Twits’ victims.I asked my fellow Miss Demeanors, “What do you do to get unstuck? Do you believe in Writer’s Block? But even if you don’t, what tricks, methods, etc. do you use when the writing is just not happening? I’d love to hear if anyone has a lucky charm, pen, ritual?”  Tracee:I have issue with Writer’s Block being an excuse not to work. Like it’s an illness that you have to recover from. Certainly blocks happen. Maybe you don’t have the right ‘next step’ in your plot or you’ve uncovered a big hole or you simply have distractions that make it hard to focus while writing. Maybe taking a day off is the answer (especially if you’ve been on a hard work spree). But mostly it is about working through it. I rely on different tools – if you can call them that. Don’t ignore the impact of […]

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