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In a little more than week, my daughter is getting married. She is a beautiful and vibrant young woman and I can already picture her twirling around the dance floor. There will be tons of food and drink and a live band and a signature cocktail. My sons will cart me down the aisle, my husband will make a toast, and I feel confident that at some point I will collapse into tears (of joy).   Several of my friends (or one of them, anyway) have remarked on how calm I’ve been. That has a lot to do with Pinot Grigio, and the fact that my daughter’s very well-organized. But mainly it’s because I feel so confident that she’s marrying the right guy. How do I know? It’s a well-known fact in my family  that I’m terrified of making left turns. It’s a phobia. If you’re ever stuck behind me at an intersection, you should just settle back and relax because nothing is happening soon. But even more than making left turns do I hate driving on rotaries, which is like a left turn times three. So a couple of months ago, I was up in Boston, visiting my daughter. There was a doctor’s appointment involved, […]

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