Reaching a Reader: You’ve Got a Friend

“Readers are wonderful people, readers are the best of people.” Lee Child Sometimes I get discouraged about writing. You know the litany of self-doubt if you’re a writer. Am I a shitty writer? Why didn’t I start writing sooner? Do I really have anything to say that anyone wants to hear? What is the point of putting myself through this anyway?             I won’t continue the maudlin monologue. I’m sure it’s familiar to anyone reading this who is also a writer. Even lifelong hard-fought-for success is moderate for most writers. The average writer earns less than $10,000 per year from writing, which may explain why so many writers have day jobs and why they often define success in non-monetary forms.             For me, the greatest satisfaction comes from connecting with readers because I am also a reader and am grateful to so many writers who have enriched my life. Oh, I’d love to make the New York Times Bestseller list, get a movie deal, and make enough money to more than survive. But for now, I’ll revel in some wonderful connections I’ve made with readers.             Last winter after the cottage we had fortunately been renting and had not purchased […]

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