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My Father's Secret

 While downsizing our home, my husband and I had to sort through some of the debris left by my parents, my grandmother, and Steve’s father. Much of it we had already disposed of, but we had left remnants we felt needed a little more consideration than “toss,” “save” or “donate.” My father’s Navy hat, my mother’s wedding dress, and other sentimental items had fallen under a fourth category: “defer.” So had boxes of photos and papers.            The time to face the “defer” pile came as the date when we were moving from the ten room home we had inhabited for 33 years loomed on the calendar just weeks away. I took a box at a time and sat at my dining room table sorting through like an archeologist sifting through the sands of time. My emotions ranged from amusement to melancholy to wonderment. I found myself uttering the words, “What were they thinking?” more than once. Why did they save some of this stuff? What had it meant to them?            I lifted a heavy opened envelope that was addressed in typewriting to my mother. I took the pages out and began to read a short story several pages long. It was […]

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