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#police procedural

Bruce Robert Coffin and the Detective John Byron Mysteries

 TRACEE: The third in the Detective Byron Mysteries, Beyond the Truth, released October 30th, so first off, Congratulations.  BRUCE: Thanks so much! And for the invitation to guest on your site. TRACEE: Anyone who reads the John Byron series knows that they are classified within mystery as police procedural, and as a former law enforcement officer you are known for “getting it right.” I remember chatting with you at the Malice Domestic conference a few years ago when you were debating the theme for your next book. What struck me in our conversation was your complete focus on John Byron’s emotional trajectory. Is his story always central to how you approach the book?  BRUCE: Yes. When reading a series I really get attached to the characters. In creating the Detective Byron mystery series I sought to create a character whose past was integral to who he is as a person. I wanted a character who fights constantly against his demons, while striving to become a better person. I knew where I wanted John Byron to be by the third novel even as I wrote the first. Byron’s development will remain central to every book in this series. TRACEE: Writing fiction is inventing things that […]

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