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The Miss Demeanors at the Oscars

I posed this challenge to my fellow Miss Demeanors and was I surprised at what fashonistas they are. We had a lot of fun playing “dress-up” the week after the Oscars. Your book had been made into a movie that’s nominated for Best Picture.  What will you wear to the Oscars? Paula’s ahead of us in the game, having shopped for the Edgars.   Michele: I’m politically liberal, but fashion conservative this is the dress I’ve chosen with a pattern like one of my favorite chairs. I know there’s a little cleavage but now that I’m a woman “of a certain age,” I can do what I want.   Tracee:            Ooooh I love this, and love your dress, particularly the pattern! For my big night, I would borrow the gown the Michelle Youh wore to this year’s Oscars and hope that I would look a tenth as great in it as she did.    Michele:                         Tracee, “your” (Michelle Youh’s) dress is a gorgeous version of what I think of as a Cinderella dress. You’ll look grand accepting your Oscar.   Tracee: I will settle for being a presenter! And it’s funny, I’ve never been a ‘Cinderella dress’ devotee but […]

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