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Interview with Richie Narvaez

Today we’re lucky to have Richie Narvaez whose latest book, Hipster Death Rattle, will be published one week from today. (Go ahead and pre-order right now. We’ll wait until you get back.) Richie is a former President of the New York Chapter of Mystery Writers of America and the award-winning writer of Roachkiller and Other Stories. This is your first novel. How does it feel? Richie: Scary! I am living in terror waiting for people read it. I mean, some people have read it and seem to have enjoyed it, so I’m hoping that at least maybe five or six other people out there in the world kind of like it. But, yeah, it’s scary. And weird. You know what I don’t worry about? The classic, wilting Amazon review that says, “too many f bombs,” which really isn’t so bad because that becomes a selling point for some people. What’s this new book about? Richie: That thing! Yes, well, Hipster Death Rattle is about real estate and gentrification. It’s about New York City and culture. And it’s about a machete-carrying serial killer. And a little about real estate and gentrification. The basic thrust is a slacker reporter gets involved in […]

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