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What On Earth?

The earth is a treasure of biodiversity. Each living thing, each culture, each individual human being, has its place in the grand scheme of things—a gift to be nurtured, protected, and celebrated.

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Savoring: Monday Musings

“As I’ve gotten older, I’m more likely to stop reading a book I’m not enjoying, and take my time to truly savor every page of a book I am.” Tweeted by @jasonpinter 6:44PM 2/16/20 Funny, I was just thinking the same thing, Jason. Although I have a few years, if not decades on you, and it took me a lot longer to figure this out. I actually came to this conclusion because I love to travel and I love to read and when I can read leisurely while traveling, I have hit the jackpot. I found myself dividing my TBR (To Be Read) pile of books into two major categories. There are more, but I will spare you the subcategories. One pile is a mountain of books I want to read, but can be done in snippets that often end with the book on my nose after I’ve fallen asleep. The other is towering with books I want to devour, savor, and digest. I would accumulate the second pile until ready to take a trip. I’m more than willing to make wardrobe sacrifices in order to accommodate pounds of books. (I appreciate e-Readers, but nothing will ever replace a physical […]

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Into the Woods

I adore pinecones— the woodsy smell, the rough texture and complex structure, the memories they conjure.

Last week I was putting away the final remnants of my Christmas decorations when it occurred to me that I use pinecones and tree branches a lot in my house, not just at Christmastime but throughout the year. From my earliest childhood, the woods have been for me a powerful symbol of the enchanted forest with all its delightful and sinister possibilities.

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