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Why I Love Writing Prompts

 I was traveling last week in an area with little connectivity when Alexia posed the question of the week to the Miss Demeanors about whether they use writing prompts. I’m usually very good about completing my homework on time, but didn’t manage to make the deadline. So here’s my answer in a full blog.            I love writing prompts. When I was still afraid to admit how much I love to write and that I desperately wanted to be a writer, my son Patrick, gave me an amazing gift as thanks for letting him move back home while he pursued his studies. He handed me a catalogue from Kripalu, the world famous yoga retreat that also features creative workshops of all kinds. “Pick the weekend of your choice, Mom.”            I thumbed through the catalogue and found that on my birthday weekend, Nancy Slonim Aronie, NPR commentator and author of Writing from the Heart: Tapping the Power of Your Inner Voice, was having a writing workshop. I signed up for a weekend that was to change my life.            There were about thirty of us who sat in a circle on the floor with Nancy where we got to know each other through gentle […]

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I'm a Writer

 Debut author Edwin Hill’s recent post https://careerauthors.com/how-to-call-yourself-a-writer/ on Career Authors about his 39-year excursion before he could finally say, “I’m a writer” touched me. What writer hasn’t felt trepidation when saying those words for fear she might be challenged. “Really? How dare you say you’re a writer?”             Those three little words, “I’m a writer,” are as terrifying as crossing the line from, “I like you,” to “I love you” in a relationship. Both connote declaration and commitment and put the declarant at risk for rejection. That’s why knowing when you were ready to say to the world, “I’m a writer” is pivotal to being a writer.             When I was a child, I wondered about the people who put the magical words on the books I read over and over, but it didn’t occur to me I could become one of them until I had already joined two other professions. After a contentious term on my local planning board, where I witnessed greed, anger, and exploitation, I decided to purge the toxicity I had experienced by penning my first mystery. I sent Who Killed the Board of Selectmen to five agents and editors in the early nineties. I had a kind […]

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