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Remembering Kate Mattes

Kate Mattes, whose Kate’s Mystery Books was a haven for fans and authors alike, dies at 72 By Bryan Marquard Globe Staff,Updated April 5, 2020, 4:12 p.m. Ms. Mattes, whose store for decades was a hub for New England’s mystery writers and readers, poked her head out from behind her hidden door at Kate’s Mystery Books.DAVID L. RYAN/GLOBE STAFF/FILE 2000 In December 1983 on Friday the 13th — a day chosen for its unsubtle symbolism — Kate Mattes opened a bookstore that was packed floor to ceiling with mysteries. You don’t go into that line of work to get wealthy, she’d say, but she knew she’d be surrounded by riches of a different sort. “I figure the worst thing that can happen is that nobody will come in,” told the Globe on the cusp of the store’s opening, “and I can sit around reading all these books.” She had to put off a life of leisurely reading until she retired more than 25 years later. Kate’s Mystery Books quickly became an iconic destination for mystery book lovers everywhere. Ms. Mattes, whose Cambridge shop was as storied as the tales inside the 10,000 volumes lining her shelves, died March 26 in Bennington, Vt., of […]

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