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How Literary Can A Little Murder Be?

 First off, my sincere apologies to our readers and fellow Missdemeanors. May arrived without my flipping back the calendar. In my frenzy to complete my fourth novel and finish editing my third book before my young kids finish school for the summer–diminishing my workday to the dwindling hours when the sun isn’t up–I failed to notice April’s exit. Consequently, I also didn’t realize that it was my week to blog. Mea Culpa! The book I am currently writing has been my most time consuming and challenging to date. But, that’s a good thing. Each novel I undertake forces me to think harder, not only about the intricacies of plot and character, but also about what the heck I want to say as a writer. What questions do I wish to pose to readers? In what debates should we engage? How can I craft a story that works both as an entertaining and page-turning puzzle filled with “real” characters that also manages to say something meaningful? (Or, at least, spur interesting book club conversation.)   In my upcoming book, Lies She Told (Shameless Plug: IN STORES SEPT. 12), I wanted to explore the creative process, to grapple with questions such as: Where do story ideas come from? How might an author’s own history influence […]

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Where Do You Get Ideas?

  Where do you get your ideas? This is one of the most frequent questions I am asked as an author. I know from the multiple author events I have attended I am not alone. I sometimes feel like my brain is so clogged with ideas I don’t know how to pull them out one at a time. Or worse, that time will run out before I’ve been able to do them all justice.          Without scaring you into thinking this is going to be a Buddhist moment or one which you need to be sitting on a map to hear, I want to make a writer’s pitch for being in the present moment. We miss so much of what is going on around us while we are staring at a tiny screen that removes us from our surroundings. I am guilty of this, so I am not preaching. During our winter stay in St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, my husband will be driving us on a road that essentially runs through a rain forest filled with natural wonders. There are clouds above so billowy you want to plop them onto a cup of hot chocolate. Enormous cows will stand in […]

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