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Ready to try a new genre?

 Earlier this week we hosted Jonathan Putnam and Art Taylor. They’re both mystery writers, however they occupy a niche different than ours – Jonathan with historical mysteries and Art with a focus on short fiction. As the week went on, I found myself thinking about plot lines outside of the mystery genre. My question to you is: if you chose to write something ‘different’ what would it be? I often feel a pull toward historical fiction (not in the mystery genre, although at the heart of every story there is a mystery) and, in particular, a big epic. Maybe even a multi-generational, multi-country sprawling story. Anyone else feel the pull? ROBIN: I’m with you, there are always mysteries, regardless of the genre. Without questions, there are no conflicts, thus no story. I sometimes feel a pull towards literary fiction, something family-drama-ish. It’s been fascinating reading my parents’ letters to each other from the time they were dating up through their honeymoon. The letters answered some questions about my own family’s history while raising new ones. All of it is fodder that I’ll use in present and future works. MICHELE: Yes! Not only do I feel a pull, I had a fictional woman named Elise whispering […]

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