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Five Senses

The Five Senses

Picture a favorite scene from a favorite book…… I suspect you’re not only ‘seeing.’ Perhaps the snowscape is accompanied by the bite of a howling wind, cold ears and nose, the taste of chapstick, and the smell of the salt dumped on the road to clear the ice. Or you have a more peaceful scene in mind. Warm kitchen, smell of rising bread, sun’s rays glinting off dust particles as they shift across a table and chairs, the screech of the screen door.  We commonly describe what we see. But science tells us that smell is the most lasting memory (and we have a limited spectrum compared to our canine companions…. imagine what they remember!). Touch is important but we often take it for granted. In addition to sight and smell, we have sound and taste. Together they create our world. Every scene should have these elements – not shoved in per check list but included thoughtfully. Fully visualize the scene…. now take it a step further than what you see. What might you hear? The spoken word? Or a peaceful/ominous nothing? The absence of something expected is powerful. Why isn’t the creek babbling in the distance? Has it been dammed, frozen, emptied by drought? […]

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Using All Five Senses

I tend to focus on the visual when I think about place, but I’m entranced by writers who describe a location with the other senses. It’s a skill I’m trying to improve in my own writing. So, here it goes for my trip to Utah: touch, sound, smell, and taste. Please add your suggestions!                                                   the chill of the shade on my skin as the sun set           the cheering of the crowd                                                                    a faint whiff of sage brush                                                                                                                                                  smoky, fatty pork drenched                […]

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