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Finding Truth in Advertising

 Most of the books I have loved best have evoked a strong emotional response from me. I have cried, felt triumphant or despondent, but never indifferent. Those are the books that stay with me. To Kill a Mockingbird, Mystic River, Angela’s Ashes and so many more. As a writer, I long to create that emotional connection with a reader. But how?            I’ve started a silly little experiment, which will require that I confess what an emotional SAP I am. I adore good romantic comedies and am fanatic about Cinderella stories. I’ve noticed since I stopped teaching evening classes and watch more television that I occasionally react emotionally to commercials. Yes, I know they’re contrived. I am the daughter of a man who worked in television advertising. I am still not immune to the ploys of Mad Men.            Take the Sebastian Gets Into College McDonald’s commercial. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/AX01/mcdonalds-committed-to-being-americas-best-first-job I’m smart enough to know how phony it is and have read the scathing criticism about McDonald’s corporate practices and horrible food, neither of which McDonald’s college scholarship program fully mitigates. I can understand why people may think it is a racial insult to see a young African American male bring his college acceptance letter to […]

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