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Eclipse 2017!

 Yes, the eclipse is there….. very tiny in the photograph through the glasses. My parents happen to live at an epicenter point of totality and it was my birthday…. so I drove to see them. (Plus I’m on my way to KillerNashville which is nearby. An amazing triple confluence of events.) Because I was really traveling to see my parents I confess to a near blas√© attitude to the actual viewing of the eclipse. We had our glasses and I’d checked out the NASA website and learned a bit about watching and what to look for, but it wasn’t really caught up in the excitement. That changed once it happened. Twilight came, the cicadas (and crickets? what are those nighttime insects?) went wild, noisier than on most evenings, although that was possibly because our group had caught eclipse fever by this point. It was only twilight and we were excited. Total eclipse lasted for under two minutes and it was worth every moment of my 10 hour drive.  I suspect mosts of us have seen a vast landscape, or seascape, or the stars at night or SOMETHING that we later saw in a photograph and said, that doesn’t do it justice. It is an […]

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