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Besting Your Demons

 I invited the indefatigable Bruce Robert Coffin, author of Among the Shadows and Beneath the Depths coming out on August 8, 2017 to share his experience as a young writer with a creative demon. Creative demons are people who step on your creative dreams like bugs squashed under the heavy sole of a work boot. I love how Bruce is willing to share with writers and other artists how he reframed his experience and went on to write the successful Detective John Byron series (Harper Collins).  Bruce Robert Coffin here, delighted to be guest blogging on the Miss Demeanors website! Many thanks to Michele Dorsey and the rest of the gang for the invite.       I thought I’d ruminate a bit on overcoming ones creative demons. And when I say demons I mean of course those pesky things that stand in our way, blocking the path to creative nirvana like a Jersey barrier. The irony is, as write this I’m sitting at the airport waiting to learn my fate with at least a four hour flight delay due to: weather, construction at JFK, or the unspoken excuse of ‘we didn’t fill the plane so we’re combining flights so we don’t lose […]

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