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Summer reading while (not) at the beach.

What to read for a get away when you can’t get away? I would have taken Hank Phillippi Ryan’s latest thriller on a long plane ride and felt the hours flit by as I turned pages – for it is literally a page turner! THE FIRST TO LIE lives up to expectations with twists and turns that made me want to sit Hank down and get more details about her own life as an investigative reporter. Trust me, my former life in architecture wasn’t nearly this exciting. (Hmm…. I’m now reminded of her book TRUST ME. Another page turner.) If THE FIRST TO LIE made it into my carry-on bag for my imaginary holiday travel, then BECOMING DUCHESS GOLDBLATT by Anonymous would have been nestled into my suitcase. Since it’s all imaginary this year with COVID quarantine, I’ll take the Duchess to Jodhpur, India and she can delight me on the terrace of my favorite hotel as we overlook the ancient city fortress. Since the duchess hails from Crooked Path, New York, where the weather seems to be perennially perfect we can enjoy the heat of India together.  I was late to the Duchess party on Twitter, which means I’ve […]

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