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When Words Matter: Governor Andrew Cuomo

For reasons that seem to transcend politics, people across the nation have turned to Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. Tuning into his daily briefings has become a national tonic. I have been right there, every day affixed to my television as I listen to the one leader, someone I had no particular affection for before, that I have grown to trust. Why? Because “my friends” (how Cuomo addresses us), I need to hear his words. They convey truth, courage, and inspiration and are remarkable examples of the power of words. We desperately need to hear the truth. Only then, can we summon the courage to face the fear and challenges a pandemic brings. Here are some of Governor Cuomo’s words that have touched me: “Everyone wants to know when this will be over. The truth is: We don’t know. No one knows. We are still climbing up the mountain and we’re not sure yet when we are going to get to the other side.” We know we need to come together, but we also need leadership to guide us. The governor called the virus “the great equalizer.” His words remind us, we are all […]

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